Kevin – Cold Process Soap

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“Kevin” is an offbeat blend of burning firewood, cinnamon coffee, and roasted nuts. Go ahead and try to put him in a closet!


Swirled within this soap is a generous heap of activated charcoal powder for a smokey visual effect, velvety texture, and extra cleansing properties.


3oz Big Beautiful Bar

Size: Half Bar (1.5 oz) or Full Bar (3 oz)

* New Bar Sizes: By popular demand ~ Full bars are bigger AND cheaper per ounce! Half bars are smaller, so you can mix and match for samples!

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The Handcrafted Soap Difference:

So, what’s the difference between handmade soap and commercial soap you can buy at the store? Most importantly, my handmade soap is amazing for your skin! It contains vegetable oils and butters (never animal fats) that are specially formulated to be cleansing, moisturizing, and uniquely fragrant. Commercial soaps can actually strip your skin of moisture, leaving you dry and itchy. My bars are 6-week cured, mild, and great for most skin types. If you try a bar, I think you’ll agree that handcrafted soap feels better, smells better, and looks better too!

One Of A Kind Bars:

Each bar of soap has it’s own personality! Because it’s a handmade item, please be aware there may be minor variations in size, color, scent, and/or form. It’s part of the charm of having a handmade bar of soap!

Economical Size:

The bar size is smaller than commercial soap – because I love smaller soap! It’s so much easier to handle. Plus, the smaller bar gives you a budget-friendly option for trying several different soaps, while keeping the shipping weight as low as possible too.

Special Care:

Keeping your handmade soap in a well-drained soap dish will help make it last longer. If you allow the bar to dry completely between uses and do not leave in standing water, you can expect to enjoy your soap for several weeks. Please also anticipate that if your soap contains colorant, you will experience colored lather and drainage. Protect your bath linens appropriately.

Suggested Use:

This soap recipe is formulated for use as an external body bar, not for facial skin. Please do review the ingredients below to confirm that you have no known allergies to the components. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.


Water, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Canola oil, Sodium Hydroxide (lye), Shea butter, Fragrance, Castor oil, Kaolin clay, Activated charcoal powder (colorant), Titanium dioxide (colorant).