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Cool cucumber, sea salt, cantaloupe & mint. “Paul” is cool, calm, and collected. The cucumber blend is not too sweet and not too salty. With a hint of mint, this fragrance has a chill and refreshing vibe.


Green apple, lavender, wildflower & herbs. “Cricket” is an all-American, girl-next-door, fresh and springy fragrance. The combination of floral and herbal notes is well-balanced with a fruity sweetness. It’s simply sublime!


Cane has a complex identity! Twin notes of Australian eucalyptus and Earl Grey tea leaves are twisted with a bold and sexy background of Polo Black type men’s cologne. Cane is bright, fresh, airy, and has a squeeze of citrus and peppermint on the back end.


Lily is a triple threat! Night blooming lily, tiger lily, and lily of the valley pose center stage, while a bouquet of fresh lilac, jasmine, and spring greenery fill the background air.


“Traci” is chamomile tea: Naturally calm, sweet, and enlightening.



Black leather, barn wood, and filthy rich cologne. ‘Victor’ is a distinct and powerful aroma blend, fit for a Titan. It’s aggressive, yet mysterious and magnetic: Paragon for anyone who enjoys a robust and Ruthless fragrance.


Antique pressed roses. “Nikki” is a timelessly feminine blend that combines roses and rosewood with a hint of light powdery musk. A true diamond in the rough!


Clean, crisp, fresh, aquatic. “Neil” is Armani-dressed, fresh out of the shower, ready for a day at the office – or a night at the club. An Acqua Di Gio type fragrance!


Sophisticated white rose and jasmine, a light breakfast of ripe peach and strawberry, and a bed of pale spices, amber and musk. An Estee Lauder “Pleasures” type fragrance, fit for a perfumist!


A tropical fruit blast of pineapple, coconut, mango, papaya, and watermelon, blended with sandy beach air and a Cool Water type men’s cologne. “Nick” is fruity, breezy, beachy, and easy on the eyes!


Soft, earthy, and elegant… but expect the unexpected! The comforting scents of oatmeal, milk, and honey are elevated by rich amber and powdery musk. “Sharon” is silky and smooth on the inside, but a little rough and flaky on top!



Creamy caramel, tonka bean & sweet woods. “Jack” is complex, passionate, and abiding. The sweetness of vanilla and caramel are grounded by earthy woods, tonka bean, and even a hint of pipe tobacco. What an amazing scent combination! This is an incredible blend for men and women alike. A personal favorite!


Sweet orange, sandalwood & spice. “Phyllis” is Red hot! The blend of sandalwood, pepper, and clove is sweetened just slightly with a top note of orange. This fragrance is so sensual and alluring, yet it’s also mature and self-assured. “Phyllis” knows who she is — and knows what she wants!


The story of “Chelsea” begins with a blend of 3 notes from the Asian CON-tinent: Indian sandalwood, nag champa, and patchouli. Well-ripened blackberry sweetens the deal, but make no mistake, the berry is still black! This bar is spicy, sweet, and designer dressed.


Black licorice. Intoxicating to those who dare love. Despicable to those who do not understand.



Amber ale brewed with harvest spices. “Billy” is earthy, yet effervescent, and always the life of the party!


Chilly peppermint and pine with just a hint of winter berry to soften the frost. “Victoria” is a royal ice princess!


“Kevin” is an offbeat blend of burning firewood, cinnamon coffee, and roasted nuts. Go ahead and try to put him in a closet!


Tart cranberries and sour orange topped with a halo of red currant. “Mariah” has a sharp tongue, but a soulful sweetness deep in her heart.



Red wine, spice, and naughty leather boots! The heart of “Lauren” is Merlot wine, dazzling and fruity, with a spicy background of black pepper, clove bud, and cinnamon. Just for fun, a discrete blend of honey and leather adds a kinky kick!


Tangy black tea, sweetened cautiously with a few drops of honey, then surrounded by dry sandalwood and a deep heart of dragon’s blood. “Michael” is shrewd and warrior-like: Woody, lightly citric, and with a vague East Asian sensibility.

Special Collections

The Coffee House

Espresso Machine

Freshly brewed coffee: Rich and warm with a hint of butter and almond. A true coffee fragrance, not too much chocolate, but with a sugar cube or two for your morning jolt!

Sweet Crimson Chai

Steeped tea leaves, cinnamon, nutmeg, and creamy vanilla milk. Absolute heaven. My personal favorite of the 3 Coffee House soaps!

Wisconsin Hot Chocolate

What makes it a “Wisconsin” hot chocolate? A stiff shot of RUM. Plus, loads of cocoa, vanilla, caramel, melted marshmallows, whipped cream, and of course, drizzled chocolate on top!