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Gina Tognoni Instagram with Phyllis Whipped Body Cream Lotion!

Color me Red!

Gina Tognoni recently posted an Instagram photo of herself holding a jar of “Phyllis” whipped body cream lotion! The caption reads:

#YR I mean my own cosmetics line ..for Phyllis .. okay ! Very cool gift thank you Lynn #angelonearth #bestfanarmy

WOW. What an honor to have something I made end up in the hands of the woman playing the character who inspired it! I would love to know which Genoa City Soap fan gifted it to her, so I can thank them. I also have to thank Mary Ann (a fellow Y&R and Genoa City Soap fan), who sent me a message when she saw the photo re-printed in the Soap Opera Digest, July 31, 2017 edition (p31). If not for Mary Ann, I never would have known. Of course, I ran right out and purchased a copy of SOD immediately. I’ll be hanging onto it as a keepsake forever!

If you’re interested in trying the sweet and spicy “Phyllis” lotion or soap for yourself, just visit the shop! All of the fragrances are made seasonally, so if you have your eye on an item that is out of stock, just sign up for the newsletter to be notified when it will be back!

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