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2017 Summer Micas

There are lots of different ways to color soap. Most commonly, people use natural herbal powders, clays, oxides, or micas. Until now, I had tried all of them… except micas… and now I’m forever hooked!

In powdered form, these micas are vibrant and shimmery. When added to the soaping oils, they become darker, but the fluidity gives them a gorgeous sheen. AND IN THE FINISHED SOAP… Oh my gosh. I just can’t even believe how rich the color becomes as the soap cures. Even some of the little sparkles can still be seen, if you look closely. It’s just so, so pretty!!!!

I still love my other colorants, but I am definitely going to be using more mica from now on. I’ll be looking forward to showing you the finished soaps when they are cured and ready to have their picture taken. I really think you’re going to be impressed with how beautiful the new colors are! 🙂

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Rose Clay and Titanium for Summer 2017

I’m back in soap-making mode! Here’s a quick pic of my beautiful dish of rose clay, used to create soap for a certain mustache-loving, piano-playing, vodka-drinking Genoa City socialite. 😉 In addition to it’s gorgeous natural coloring, rose clay has exfoliating and purifying qualities. It also adds a lovely, silken texture to the finished bar.

In the background is a subtle dish of titanium dioxide. It’s used to whiten soap, and this time ’round I’m using it for an ALL-NEW soap that will be galloping into the lineup in June. Stay tuned!

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2017 Spring Creams and Sweet Scrubs!

After a long Winter season, it was time to finally re-make “Cricket” and “Lily” whipped body cream! Both have fabulously floral fragrances, are super moisturizing, and are easily two of my all-time favorites. As a bonus sweet treat for dry skin, I also made hand & body sugar scrubs to exfoliate and condition. I scented half of the batch in fan-favorite, “Ashley” (an Estee Lauder Pleasures-type fragrance). For the other half, I was inspired to create “Traci”, a calm, sweet, enlightening blend of chamomile. It’s lovely! I even incorporated real chamomile tea leaves into the batch. Both lotions and scrubs are really excellent, and I’ve been enjoying them a lot myself, so I’m extra excited to share them with you!