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Naked Heiress Soap and Body Cream

Who’s ready to get naked? 😛

When I’m not in the mood for fragrance, but I still want to pamper my skin — I just get naked! My ‘Naked Heiress’ handcrafted soap and whipped body creams have all of the same cleansing and skin-loving qualities, but are ab-solutely unscented.

These are perfect to have on hand when I’m feeling indecisive, under the weather, or just don’t want to create a conflict with another fragrance I’m wearing. I always, always have an unscented bar in the shower — and I use my unscented body cream at least 2-3 times her week. You just can’t go wrong choosing to go naked. Heehee.

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Gina Tognoni Instagram with Phyllis Whipped Body Cream Lotion!

Color me Red!

Gina Tognoni recently posted an Instagram photo of herself holding a jar of “Phyllis” whipped body cream lotion! The caption reads:

#YR I mean my own cosmetics line ..for Phyllis .. okay ! Very cool gift thank you Lynn #angelonearth #bestfanarmy

WOW. What an honor to have something I made end up in the hands of the woman playing the character who inspired it! I would love to know which Genoa City Soap fan gifted it to her, so I can thank them. I also have to thank Mary Ann (a fellow Y&R and Genoa City Soap fan), who sent me a message when she saw the photo re-printed in the Soap Opera Digest, July 31, 2017 edition (p31). If not for Mary Ann, I never would have known. Of course, I ran right out and purchased a copy of SOD immediately. I’ll be hanging onto it as a keepsake forever!

If you’re interested in trying the sweet and spicy “Phyllis” lotion or soap for yourself, just visit the shop! All of the fragrances are made seasonally, so if you have your eye on an item that is out of stock, just sign up for the newsletter to be notified when it will be back!

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2017 Summer Lip Balm

My Lip Balm Obsession

I have a bit of a lip balm obsession! Over the past few months, I’ve made at least a dozen batches. Like a mad scientist, I experimented with a combination of different ingredients, on the hunt for the perfect recipe. Finally, I think found “the one”. These new lip balms are soft, shiny, moisturizing, and the balm stays in place without feeling waxy. Smoochable success!!!

My Recipe

If you’re interested in the hows and whys of ingredients, I thought I’d include a breakdown of the recipe components:

Avocado oil: Luxurious feel and highly moisturizing.
Fractionated Coconut Oil: Outstanding glide and shine.
Rice Bran Oil: Creamy and moisturizing.
Castor Oil: Adds shine, glide, and thickness to the recipe, so the balm stays on!
Vitamin E: Antioxidants galore.
Candelilla wax: A plant-based alternative to beeswax that I think feels, smells, and even tastes good.

Summer Scents

Here are the 3 scents that I thought would be perfect for summer in Genoa City!

GC Buzz Honey:

Warm, sweet, alluring honey! It’s absolutely intoxicating, much like our GC Buzz hostess!

Lil’ Miss Perfect:

Mouth-watering Girl Scout Thin Mint chocolate cookies. Perfect in every way! I’m sure you can guess who this scent is inspired by. 😉

Pool House Pina Colada:

Flawlessly blended pineapple and coconut cocktail with a cherry on top. My personal favorite!

Scented, Not Sweetened | Shimmery, Not Colored

I want taste my food, not my lip balm. 😛 So, these balms are fully fragrant, with no sugar added, so you can enjoy the scent instead the sweet. Personal preference, but I think you’ll appreciate that too. Also, I wear lip balm every day, all day. I like shimmer and shine, but if I want color, I’ll grab a lipstick. These lip balms have a bit of colorant added, just for fun, the color does NOT show up on your lips.


Summer lip balms will be available in the soap shop on July 2nd. If everyone loves them as much as I do, I’ll definitely start concocting some new ones for Fall.

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[CLOSED] Soap For Soap Fans Giveaway – June 23-30, 2017

Jackie, Myr, and Connor!!!

The Prize

YOUR CHOICE of 1 silky, creamy, bubbly bar of soap, handmade by Ali.

How To Enter

It’s easy! Just leave a comment on this blog post to let me know which bar you’d like to have (Nikki, Neil, Sharon, Nick, or Naked Heiress). If you win the drawing, you’ll win the soap! I know it’s hard… but please only choose one!

One entry per person, please. Duplicates will be removed.


Winner will be selected by random drawing and announced July 2, 2017. If you’re a winner, you will receive the bar of soap you asked for in the comments, shipped right away (one time) to you anywhere in the world. I will contact via e-mail for a mailing address, so please be sure to double check that you entered it correctly below.

Entry Deadline

Friday, June 30th 2017 at 11:59pm Central

Fragrance Descriptions

(Pictured from Top Left to Bottom Right)

NIKKI | Antique pressed roses.
NEIL | Clean, crisp, fresh, aquatic.
SHARON | Oatmeal, milk, honey, and amber.
NICK | Juicy tropical fruits and cool beachy water.
NAKED HEIRESS | Ab-solutely undressed, unscented, and uncolored.

Good luck to everyone & thanks again for your support!